About us

Nedfon JSC would like to send our sincere greetings, sincere and deepest thanks to our valued customers, partners who have always given Nedfon the attention and cooperation. effective; I would like to thank all the staffs who have worked hard to contribute to the development of the company.

Since its founding, Nedfon Company has made continuous efforts to provide the market, Nedfon partners with good products, reliable services, and especially CREDIT has helped Nedfon to be more sustainable. is a distributor of products and services in the contractor air conditioning, ventilation in Vietnam.

The success of the company today is the crystallization of enthusiasm, the dedication of all employees, the collaboration, the feedback and support, the help of partners, customers, the interest. Facilitate from the Party, the State, the relevant departments and associations.

Each of the cooperation interests that the Company has been receiving in the past from partners and customers is a great motivation for further development of the Company in the future. Based on the belief of customers and prestige in the market, Nedfon is perfecting and growing to provide better products, best service for the market, Buildings, buildings, hotels , airports, hospitals, shopping centers, factories, .. ensure to provide customers with products and services with the most reasonable cost to maximize benefits to customers.

Again, Nedfon Company welcomes and wishes to have the cooperation and sustainable development share with all people, partners, customers, staffs and hope the cooperation. It will bring about material, spiritual and more opportunities.

Sincerely, thank you!